29th Annual Santa Barbara French Festival

July 15th & 16th, 2017


Please review the French Festival Vendor Information and Guidelines on FrenchFestival.com before applying. 

FRENCH THEME: The French Festival is a celebration of French culture and its influences - our goal is that all of the entertainment, food, products and services offered at the Festival have a French cultural connection.  This includes cultures that have a strong French ties and influences – French Polynesian, Cajun, West African, etc. Please keep this in mind in terms of the goods you are selling, as well as for the name and decor of your booth.  The atmosphere at the Festival is an important part of its success and the appearance of the vendor booths is a big part of that atmosphere.

Please complete the Registration Form below and click "Submit"

To submit this form, all "*" fields must be filled in.

Please note your application is not complete until you have submitted the additional documents listed below.  In order to qualify for the Early Discount price you must submit your application with full payment, and all other required forms by email, fax or mail by APRIL 1, 2017.

Application Checklist:


All of the required forms are available on the French Festival website frenchfestival.com they can be submitted by email to frenchfestival@sbcoxmail.com, by fax to 805-963-8167, or mailed to the office at Center Stage Theater 751 Paseo Nuevo Santa Barbara, CA 93101. (Please do not send photos of the forms taken with your phone.  Actual scans of the documents are fine, but not phone photos.  They tend to be very illegible.)

•  A completed Registration Application Form (the online form below)

•  Credit card payment for the full amount of all registration fees, including the Temporary Food Facility Fee and One Day Vendor License Fee.   

•  A separate check for a $100 Security Deposit.  (This check will only be processed if your space is left unclean or any other of the Festival guidelines are violated.  If you prefer you can call the office and provide us with a credit card number to keep on file for your deposit.  This charge will only be processed if a cleaning fee is being charged to you.  We do not store, or even see, the credit card information that you use to pay online, so you do need to call us and provide the number for the Security Deposit. )

•  A completed County Temporary Food Facility Permit application 

•  A completed City of Santa Barbara Application for Special Event or One Day Vendor's License

•  A completed State Board of Equalization Special Events Certification Form

•  A certificate of insurance from your insurance carrier indicating that your participation in this event is covered under that policy and naming Center Stage Theater, Speaking of Stories and the City of Santa Barbara as additional insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability insurance. (Certificate of insurance is not required at time of application, it must be received by July 1.) 

Registration Fee - per 10x10 space (additional space requires additional fee)

1 10 x 10 booth - $850
1 10 x 20 booth - $1,600
2 non-adjacent 10 x 10 booths - $1,600
Beverage Fee - $250
Payment of this fee allows you to sell non-alcoholic beverages at your booth other than Perrier, Orangina and Lemonade
Prime Location Requests - $150 (per item requested)

Crepe Vendor
Sink Adjacent (Not Health Department compliant)
BBQ Adjacent
Corner Booth
Other Special Request (please specify: )
Electrical Fee (No outside generators allowed)

Power Level 1 $50 - 110 volt, 200 watts (no more than 5 amps total)
Power Level 2 $150 - 110 volt, 2000 watts (no more than 20 amps total)
Power Level 3 $200 - 110 volt, 4000 watts (Two 20 amp circuits, no more than 40 amps total)
Power Level 4 $250 - Special needs above Level 3, contact us to arrange specifics
(Prior to the Festival you will be required to provide a complete list of electrical equipment)
Health Department Temporary Food Booth Permit Fee - $180
City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendor's License Fee - $20
Must be included unless proof of non-profit status or current City of Santa Barbara Business License number is provided here:
Tent Merchant Rentals
(Nothing is provided with your booth space. If you would like to rent any of the following, we can add these items to our equipment rental with Tent Merchants. This is for your convenience only, you are certainly not required to rent any of these items.)

10x10 canopy no walls - $250 each
Side Walls White - $30 each
Side Walls Mesh - $40 each
Health Department Walls - $45 each
Tables - $15 each
Chairs - $3 each
Load In
Vendor Information
Provide a brief description of your food service, including a list of the menu items and a rough description of your selling space (i.e. a trailer, tent or cart.) The items listed here are the only items you will be permitted to see at the Festival.
State Board of Equalization Seller's Number
Billing Information
First Name*
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Confirm Email*
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Payment Info

By submitting this form I confirm that I am authorized to represent the organization listed above, that the information provided on this application is true, complete and accurate, and that the organization has read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules set forth by the Vendor Information and Rules document.  I hereby agree to release, waive and hold harmless The French Festival, Center Stage Theater, Speaking of Stories as well as any sponsors, businesses, individuals, or organizations associated with the event, from any loss, damage or injury that may occur in connection with my and/or my organization's staff's participation in the Festival. I furthermore hereby authorize The French Festival to use any pictures or audio and/or visual recording depicting any person for promotional purposes. I understand that all fees are non-refundable once my application has been accepted.